About Craftfully

Designed by makers, for makers, Craftfully is a carefully curated experience for lovers of fibre and textile craft. Craftfully is an ethical, sustainable and independent community event that celebrates artisan makers, indie dyers and boutique retailers.


Craftfully will host fabulous workshops for adults and children whatever their level of skill. Whether you want to learn to weave or increase your skills in knitting, there will be something for you.


At Craftfully you can expect to find free craft demonstrations, community installations, music and great food! There will be Yoga for Makers and a physiotherapist talk on how to help your maker’s body. Craftfully will offer you the opportunity to be part of a community of makers.


Craftfully will be a plastic-free environment and we encourage everyone to bring your keep cups and tote bags.


Craftfully is being held at the former Newcastle railway station, the centrepiece being the station house built in 1858. The Station, as the site is now called, is in the East End of Newcastle, across the road from Newcastle Harbour and an easy walk to Nobby’s and Newcastle beaches. What were once the platforms have been extended to cover the railway lines, creating a large, accessible area, perfect for community events.

The Station is easily accessed by the light rail, bus and ferry. There are several hotels and many Airbnb accommodation options close by. Newcastle’s East End is home to some great cafes, bars and restaurants.

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